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How to Turn Off StabiliTrak & How to Fix it Easily?

The stability control system known as Stabilitrak is probably the most misunderstood electronic system in modern automobiles. It has taken on several different names over the years, but for this article, we will call it Stabilitrak. This electronic safety net is intended to keep you out of trouble on wet or slippery roads.

When activated by an experienced driver, this system can be a valuable tool. It allows you take challenging roads at speeds that would be nearly impossible without it. When the driver over accelerates the vehicle, Stabilitrak helps prevent losing the grip even on the slippery ground. The only disadvantage is that if vehicle is struck by snow or mud, it adversely impact its capabilities. Hence, you must know how to turn StabiliTrak off.

The vehicle reduces its power if the StabiliTrak is not turned off. The only solution to deal with this situation is to disable the StabiliTrak. Let’s discuss in brief the StabiliTrak and how it is turned off in different vehicles!

What is Service StabiliTrak Chevy?

StabiliTrak is a computer-controlled electronic stability control system that automatically detects and prevents skids. Sensor detects the difference between the steering direction and wheel location and gets activated.

It reduces engine power if the vehicle is about to skid and changes one or more of the brake, throttle, or steering systems as needed to ensure that you maintain control over the vehicle. Thus, it prevents the understeer or oversteer conditions to adjust the power for smooth rides.

You can notice a flashlight on the driver information display when the system is applying traction.

Why should one turn off traction control?

If the vehicle is stuck in mud/snow or traveling up the steep city hill, the traction control keeps the vehicle struck. Applying brakes to the spinning wheel when the vehicle is struck proves to be counterintuitive. This situation calls for more momentum. Hence traction control makes the situation verse. Turning off the traction control can only help.

How to turn off Service StabiliTrak?

The first thing you need to do is find the port that your vehicle manufacturer has set aside for disabling the system.

You can consult your owner’s manual for this information or search the internet using key phrases like “how to disable StabiliTrak.”

Here is the guide on turning off Stabilitrak in Different cars:


Turn your car into accessory mode. Keep your ignition on but keep the engine off.

  • Go through the lights once you complete the accessory mode. Locate the hazard warning lights.
  • Locate the triangle button. Turn on the hazard warning lights by pushing the triangle button.
  • Press the gas pedal for 5 times.
  • The car will move forward up to 5 feet after you press the gas pedal for 5 times.
  • After this, the traction control will turn off automatically by the car.
  • However, this is not the case with every Volkswagen model.

Chrysler, FIAT, and Dodge Jeep

  • Press the Esc button and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • After a sound of the chime, your instrument cluster will show ESC OFF.
  • It means that the StabiliTrak is turned off in your vehicle.

GMC and Chevrolet 

Find out the center button located at the center stack in Chevrolet and GMC cars. This button is easily visible in vehicles with wiggly lines.

  • Press this button and hold it for 5 seconds. You can notice the traction control lights.
  • In GMC Sierra 2018, you can check the instrument lister and a DIC message displayed on it.
  • It is a simple process to turn off the Stabilitrak easily for Chevrolet and GMC cars.
  • To switch off the traction, the speed limit should exceed 56km/h


The process of turning the traction varies with different types of model. Here are the steps to turn off StabiliTrak in your Ford:

  • Locate the StabiliTrak button. Press the StabiliTrak button in your Ford and release it immediately after that.
  • Keep holding the control button for a while to disable the traction control.
  • The steering wheel controls play an important role in the traction control of your Ford Car. Check the menu to have a better understanding.
  • Towards the left of the steering wheel, find the black arrow and press it.
  • Find the settings and scroll down again with a down arrow. Select OK and check out the visible options.
  • Select the DRIVER ASSIST and press the OK button.
  • TRACTION CONTROL option appears, and the traction control is turned off.
  • Check the steering wheel and Push OK!


There is a VSC button on your Toyota car.

  • Push this button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • The VSC will be disabled along with TRAC.
  • You can see the message appearing VSC OFF along with TRAC OFF indicators.

A word of Caution

Certain safety features turn off when you turn off the StabiliTrak. Hence you should check the safety features once you turn off the traction control.

How to Reset Service Stabilitrak Light

Due to the software failure, the stabilitrak warning lights turns on. To resolve this, press the Stabilitrak button. If the things does not fall in place, follow the procedure below:

Here are steps to reset the service stabilitrak light:

  • Turn the handwheel in the clockwise direction
  • In case, if it is shut off, no service is required.
  • If not, turn off the vehicle manually
  • Wait for few seconds (15 seconds) and turn on the vehicle
  • Once the DIC message is disappeared, there is no need to repair the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset a service StabiliTrak? 

To reset the StabiliTrak system, you need to turn off your car’s engine and start it again.

Is it safe to drive with the StabiliTrak light on?

If you are losing traction, it is safer to drive with the StabiliTrak light on as the system is engaging. In general, if you are driving without traction, then your vehicle may sling or spin around.

What is the StabiliTrak warning light?

The Stabilitrak light turns on before the traction control turns off as the transmission shifts very hard. This light appears mostly in cold temperatures.

How much is it to straight pipe a truck?

On an average, it cost around $1000 to $1500 to install a straight pipe in truck. It is inclusive of the cost for labor and straight pipe.

How do I clear my traction control light?

If you notice the traction c while driving, then you should pull over the car at a safe spot. Turning off your vehicle is the safest bet in this case. Now restart the vehicle to check if the warning light stays off. If yes, now your car is safe to drive.

Why does my StabiliTrak keep coming on and off?

It indicates the system is malfunctioning. Either the system is receiving a bad signal, or the system is turned off.

Is it OK to drive with traction control off?

Under normal driving circumstances, you should not drive with traction control off.

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