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How Much Does a Smart Car Weigh: All You Need to Know

Smart automobiles are very famous because of their small dimensions and increased efficiency in all aspects. Referring to its compact design and advanced technology, The most common query that most consumers have when buying a smart car is its weight. As these cars take up less space and move around compactly, Are these Smart cars light in weight too?

At a quick glance, In the simplest model, a Average Smart Car weighs at 1550 pounds.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how much a smart does car weigh and how does the smart car’s weight vary. Let’s get started!

How Much Does a Smart Car weigh?

On average the base smart car model weighs around 1550 pounds, this weight is without a driver. With some variations, it can go high up to 1850 pounds as well. However, there are three different versions of a smart car and each varies in weight from the other. The smart car weight is dependent on the type of model and make.

Say. Smart ForTwo coupe smart car weight is around 2028 pounds while 2019 2dr smart USA weigh around 2998 pounds as its gross weight. The Smart ForFour weighs around 2645 pounds

If you are planning to buy a smart car, you need to research its weight. Why the weight is important for any smart car, we will discuss next!

Is the smart car weight important?

The heavier the vehicle, the more it would require the gasoline for gas powered smart cars. Hence to reduce the consumption of gasoline, always consider a smart vehicle with lesser weight. The higher the weight, the more the energy car will require to power it, and more shall be the fuel consumption.

The curb weight of the smart car refers to the empty vehicle’s weight and always remains in the pounds.

Curb Weight – At Glance!

Also known as the Kerb weight, Curb weight generally refers to the total weight of a smart vehicle including its gasoline and accessories. But this does not define in any way, how much weight it can handle.

How to find out the smart car weight?

Here are the three ways that help you to find out the smart car weight:

Using a vehicle scale

Vehicle scale is widely used for commercial loading trucks to weigh their loads and to check if they comply with the safety limits or not. Car owners can also use this vehicle scale to check the curb weight of their smart car.

Checking the Owner Manual

The best way to check the weight of your smart car is to refer to the owner’s manual. The operator manual gives your entire information about your smart car. You get the idea about the permitted passengers and smart car curb weight along with the cargo weight that it can carry. Check out the technical specifications to understand the charging period for electric powered smart cars, vehicle operating scope, etc.

Contacting the Manufacturer

If the owner manual is not available as mostly in the case of a second-hand car, it becomes difficult to find out the information about your smart car. In such cases, contacting the manufacturer can help you in finding information about your smart car. They can brief you about the weight as well as the weight distribution to have better insights. You can also download the manual from their official website.

Smart Car weight Distribution

with the aim to disperse the weight at the ratio of 50:50 to its rear and front tires. This dispersion helps the smart car to spread its tear and wear throughout the vehicle. if the weight shall be the height at the front aisle, the vehicle will need more pressure to apply the break. this will lead to quick wearing off the brakes.

The equal distribution of weight also improves the overall performance of your smart car and helps in expanding the mileage on a single refueling.

What is the smart car MPG?

On average, you get 40 MPG which is almost double as compared to an average car featuring just an average of 20 MPG. For a gasoline-powered smart cars, you can massively save using a smart car.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of concerns about smart cars which we tried to address here:

What sort of batteries do smart cars use?

Smart cars use 17.2 KW lithium-ion batteries. Approximately 96 car battery cells are present in your smart car that can be charged using a high-speed charger in just 40 minutes by 80%. Tridion steel is used in making Smart Car body cell to absorb the car crash impact.

What is the heaviest component in smart car?

Transmission and the engine majorly account for the heaviest parts in any smart car which is gasoline-powered. Coming to electric smart cars, smart car batteries are the most significant part of such electric cars. Do you know that the Smart Car engine is places at the back of smart cars.

How far can I drive with a complete tank of a smart car?

On a complete tank, a smart car can be run up to 350 miles making it the most effective little sized cars.


The average weight of smart car models is approximately 1550 pounds while the electric smart car may attribute to 1000 pounds on account of batteries. There are several electric versions with smart designs that comes with features like crosswind assist. Battery powered cars gives you 82 M/P charge while Gas Powered smart cars reaches up to 350 M/P per tank. When it comes to car insurance, electric car insurance cost is considerably low.

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