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How Much is an Oil Change at Valvoline: 90% Don’t Know

The importance of oil change to keep the well-being of your engine is significant. it is important to refer to the manufacturer manual to know the right time for an oil change. And when it comes to choosing the place, Valvoline Instant Oil Change is an undisputed choice. But, do you know, how much is an oil change at Valvoline?

Well!. we have got you covered with detailed information regarding the right intervals and pricing involved for the oil change. So, let’s get started:

What is Valvoline Instant Oil Change?

when it comes to Car engine oil change, there is a general perception that the car’s engine oil changed takes a lot of time to change engine oil. But this is not the case with Valvoline. There are many centers other than Valvoline that may give you the car delivery by the next day. But, with Valvoline instant oil change services, you get a high-quality service at the lowest prices. They prioritize their clients and value each of their customers as well as their time.

What types of Oil Change does Valvoline offer?

Valvoline offers primarily three types of oil change as follows:

  • Full Synthetic Oil Change: $85
  • Conventional Oil Change: $42
  • High Mileage/Synthetic Blend: $63

From the prices given above, you can see that the Valvoline instant oil change pricing is highly competitive. However, the quality of their services is high irrespective of their pricing.

You can opt for a full-service oil change. It is inclusive of the car’s chassis component lubrication and 5 quarts of Valvoline oil as given by the manufacturer specification. It also includes the replacing clogged filter with a new oil filter.

What are the factors that affect Oil Change Prices?

The process of oil change is simple and involve the steps as below:

  • Drain the unclean engine oil
  • Replace it with a new engine oil
  • It is recommended to change the oil oil filter as well if it is clogged more than 70%.

For the steps above, you are likely to spend anywhere between $20 to $70. However, it is a rough estimate and the total servicing cost may vary depending on the type of engine oil and car’s engine.

Let’s discuss the engine oil types and their impact on the pricing

Engine Oil Types

You should always use the engine oil which is recommended by the manufacturer to safeguard your engine. there are different types of engine oil available in the market. But you should choose the one that is compatible with your car engine.

Four types of Engine Oil Type are:

Fully Synthetic Motor Oils

Full synthetic oil is the refined form of the conventional oil which is prepared from the refined crude, further purified, and distilled. Due to lesser impurities, such oil extends more engine protection.

this type of oil is specifically suitable for turbo engines. If you are operating your vehicle under harsh weather conditions hauling heavy loads of synthetic oils are the best engine oil.

Conventional Oil

Among all the motor oils, conventional oil is the most affordable oil. there are no additives in them and they are produced from refined crude oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oil is composed of conventional oil and synthetic oil. This type of oil provides more protection than conventional oil but is not as expensive as synthetic oils are.

High Mileage Oil

If your engine has run more than 75000 miles, in that case you can use motor oil with specific additives or chemicals to help the older engines in minimizing the frictions.

Price and Type of Engine Oil

While conventional oil is the most affordable oil, you can get the oil change service at as low as $23. If you consider synthetic oil replacement, it may cost you a minimum $70.

According to reports, most of the vehicles built after 2019 either require synthetic blends or synthetic oil. Such oils ensure an extended life for your engine.

Engine Size

The amount of oil you need depends on the engine size. In general, the typical engine oil change involves 5 quarts of engine oil. At Valvoline, up to 5 quarts of engine is covered under the service fees.

The cost of oil change increases if the size of engine is big. The cylinders and the entire engine block are big in a truck as compared to conventional cars. Hence, they need more oil for lubrication.

What customer says about the Valvoline Instant oil change service?

Valvoline has received a unanimous response from its customers who frequently opt for their instant oil change services. They think that the Valvoline prices are reasonable and their services are reliable too. Their car runs smoothly when they get their car oil changed regularly as per the given schedule.

The best part about Valvoline is that their services are widely available in most of the places in the USA. Hence, if you need an oil change instantly, you can always find the nearest Valvoline center to complete the task.

In fact, Valvoline’s instant oil change prices are considerably lower than their competitors. It also comes with Valvoline’s ‘Engine Guarantee’. Valvoline ensures that every customer is valuable and so is their time. They prioritize and value each of their customers and make sure that they complete their services in a timely manner to avoid any inconvenience.

Hence their oil change service is often considered as ‘quick’ service.

What Preventive Maintenance Checks does Valvoline Offer?

There are a number of preventive maintenance checks that any vehicle need when you send them for an oil change. These are essential to upkeep the maintenance of your vehicle’s engine. Crucial parts like Windshield washer, transmission, anti-freeze/coolant fluid levels, power steering, transfer case, and differential need to be checked thoroughly as a part of the maintenance regime.

Other important aspects that need to be looked in during the maintenance regime are:

  • Wiper blades
  • Air Filter of your car
  • Tire Pressure
  • Vehicle lights
  • Battery and
  • Serpentine Belt

All these tests are conducted at the Valvoline service center to maintain the operational efficiency of your car. Although, these diagnostic services are appeared to be costly and seems that you may need to shell out a lot of money for these services. But, prices at Valvoline center are highly competitive.

What are the other preventive services that you can get from the Valvoline center?

Once you schedule the oil change service at Valvoline, you can also get additional car preventive maintenance checks recommended by your car manufacturer. Here are some of the services that you can expect:

  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Air Filter Check
  • Battery Check
  • Washer Fluid Check
  • Vehicle lights Check
  • Power Steering Fluid Check
  • Fluid in Automatic Transmissions Check
  • Wiper Blades Check
  • Antifreeze/coolant Check

There may be some Valvoline center which may not offer all the services mentioned above.

How Often Should You Change Oil?

It is important to know how often should you change oil to protect your engine and extend its lifespan:

Manufacturer Recommendation

Depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, the manufacturer recommends the oil change frequency for your vehicle. most automobile manufacturers recommend the oil change for every 5000 to 10,000 miles.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s car manual to check the mentioned frequency for an oil change. The frequency of oil change is determined by the number of miles your vehicle is driven. To strengthen the engine lifespan, it is important to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation. As manufacturers are aware of the limitations and capabilities of the car engines and thus recommend the appropriate oil change intervals.

Irrespective of the type of engine, every engine need lubrication and oil change from time to time to maintain its efficiency.

Valvoline also notifies its customers after the first oil change about the next due date for the change.

Frequency of Vehicle Used

If you are towing heavy uphill or running your car under harsh weather environment, it need more frequent oil changes due to excessive pressure at your car’s engine. Also. if the long drives are frequent with you, you need to replace the oil more frequently.

If you are a traveling through the high-traffic zone, then the oil schedules will be more frequent than the vehicle which does not encounter much traffic.

Should I consider changing the engine oil by myself?

If you have considerable knowledge, you can always consider changing the engine oil by yourself. Even as a novice user, there are several DIY hacks aviabale that guide you though the oil change effectively.

But, do you have enough time to complete the task? Conventional oil replacement cost you as low as $20 which is inclusive of the car’s motor oil changed and filter replacement. Hiring a professional mechanic is often a daunting task. But the oil change service at Avalvi

So, do you think its worth off to spend lot of time in replacing the engine oil and engine filter. It saves you money but also impact


If you compare the Valvoline oil change prices with typical oil change service in the market, you will find that the prices of Valvolline are highly competitive without compromising the quality.

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