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Can You Mix Synthetic Oil with Regular Oil: All You Need to Know

While regular oil and synthetic oil both come with different properties, often the car enthusiasts are interested to know, Can You Mix Synthetic Oil with Regular oil? So, the straight answer to this query is – Yes! You can Mix Synthetic oil with regular oil but occasionally. When you don’t have a choice, you can do it. But in long term, you should strictly avoid it.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the aspects of mixing of synthetic oil and regular oil.  So, here we go!

Can I Mix Synthetic Oil with Regular Oil?

Yes, you can but you should avoid it. In regular practice, it is not judicious to mix both regular oil and synthetic oil. Each of these oils is specifically formulated and mixing them will not enhance their properties. If you add the synthetic oil to regular oil, the properties of regular oil will not enhance. On the other hand, the properties of synthetic oil dilute.

In nutshell, it is will be a complete waste of money for investing in an expensive synthetic oil if you mix it with any regular or conventional oil. You will make your engine vulnerable by adding regular oil to your existing synthetic oil.

When Should I Mix a Regular Oil with Synthetic Oil?

When you need to do this for any temporary fix to maintain the requisite oil levels. It will not yield any good results in long term. If you have to top-up your engine oil and there is no availability of the existing engine oil, then you can consider mixing the regular oil with synthetic oil.

Can I Consider Mixing Oil Brands?

Yes, you can mix the oil brands and if they are of the same viscosity then it may help further. Check for the user manual to understand the required viscosity oil level for your vehicle.

Can I Switch Back and Forth Between Engine Oils?

Shifting from regular oil to synthetic oil makes sense. It provides improved engine protection. But moving down to conventional oil from synthetic oil can be detrimental to your engine’s health. It may also void the warranty of your vehicle. Hence it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for your engine’s extended safety.

When Should I consider An Oil Switch?

Here are some of the instances where you can consider an oil change:

  • Driving at high engine speed for long hours
  • Driving in mountain terrain.
  • Driving in extreme temperatures
  • Towing for heavy loads
  • Taking multiple short trips (less than 10 miles each trip).
  • Driving in muddy and sandy locations

Should You Top-Off Your Car’s Oil?

You can considering Top-off your car occasionally, you should consider a regular oil change schedule to maintain the life of your engine. You should always consider the top-up with the manufacturer’s recommended engine oil to strengthen its life.


You should consider mixing synthetic oil with conventional oil when there is an emergency and there is no other solution to this.

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