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About Us

The idea of Mopermax began when I decided to create a pool of knowledge about cars. The blog aims to help out people worldwide who are struggling high in fixing their cars. From rendering quirky solutions to car problems to disseminating the latest advancements in the car industry, the contributors of this blog have gone a long way to delivering up-to-date information to its esteemed readers.

Our Mission

For your broken car, it is hard to find a dependable solution on the internet with the onset of so many blogs. Mopermax has been ideated with the concept of one-stop-solution for all your Car needs. We focused on the most common problems and provided a detailed solution so that you don’t need to look around.

All our blog posts are highly researched and cross verified by the industry experts to provide readers with comprehensive solutions to their automobile problems.

Why Mopermax?

When you shop for your car accessories or spare parts next time, you can refer to our detailed guides to help you out finding the best ones for your automobile. Our detailed reviews enable users to pick up the best in the market, right in your budgets.

About Us

John Baechtel

Editor In Chief

John Baechtel was the technical editor for Car Craft Magazine in 1970, the executive editor for Hot Rod Magazine during the eighties, and the editor of Car Craft again by the nineties.

After being a GM motorsports consultant, he opened a race engine testing facility that lasted over a dozen years. He then retired early to write automotive technical books and manage a growing number of enthusiast websites.

Bonneville racing veteran, 200 MPH Club member, International FIA Speed Record holder, avid collector of LSR model cars and memorabilia, he is also a Bonneville speed record holder. He is the author of several technical books about engine building and race car construction. He loves to collect vintage engines and speed gear.

Rob Thompson

Senior Writer

Rob Thompson is a teacher in automotive technology. Since 1995, He is teaching in high schools. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Columbus State Community College. He began his teaching career in 1994. Since 2007, he is also involved in numerous Cengage Learning projects.

With his strong knowledge in the subject matter, Rob authored a book named AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE AND LIGHT REPAIR. He co-authored AUTOMOTIVETECHNOLOGY A SYSTEMS Approach 6e with Jack Erjavec.
Currently, he is a former board member and president of North American Council of Automotive Teachers.

Joseph Bell

Senior Editor

Joseph (Joe) Bell, a former technician for truck and automobile, has many years of experience, including the US Army, maintenance of truck fleets, and Chrysler dealerships. He witnessed firsthand the changes in truck and automotive technology that occurred due to electronic devices in the 70’s, 80’s. He was a technician and thought that automotive engineers were lacking in practical knowledge. So he decided to be a “show them how to do it right” engineer.

He received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. He holds 25 US patents relating to truck electrical systems, and diesel engine diagnostics.

Deanna Sclar


Deanna Scott is a renowned auto repair expert. She has been featured on numerous radio and television shows, including the NBC Today and the NBC Nightly News. Sclar is an international speaker on the environmental impact of cars and active promoter of residential solar energy programs. She also authored Buying A Car For Dummies.

James D. Halderman


JIM HALDERMAN is experienced in automotive service as a being a flat-rate technician as well as a business owner.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Ohio Northern University, and a Masters in Education from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Jim is also a U.S. Patent holder an electronic transmission control device. . He has been a professor of automotive technology at an American community college for over 20 years.
He is an ASE Master Automotive Technician (L1) and ASE Certified Advanced Engine Performance (L1) certified.
Jim successfully authored many automotive books