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How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?

Our recommendation from qualified experts will help your Chevy if it has a slow move. The reset function in the TCM controller will determine the speed of the vehicle. A TCM allows vast programmability for modern automation for modern machines and devices. Resetting TCM determines the correct driver speed.

This article will cover the basic aspects of Transmission Control Modules along with the symptoms of bad TCMs and how to restart them. We wrote a Chevy TCM reset program for quick and easy reset. It is simple to use with no special tools. You will be amazed by the best gears choice and breathtaking driving experience. Please follow this guide and try it yourself. You’ll have amazing experience driving.
This article is a vital guide for automatic transmissions. It may also be a simple way to find your way back onto the roads.

What is a transmission control module?

Unusual gear shifts can happen due to poor transmission control modules and a multitude of issues related to them. The car computer can send incorrect messages when detected by your transmission machine.

These wrong indicators are displayed in the form of an engine indicator in your car to notify the drivers of a registered error. This means that the TCM works in conjunction with the transmission and the engine for optimal performance. The TCM uses the data collected to calculate optimal gear shifts.

When the engine and transmission get into optimal operation the engine performs best. Bad throttle management can lead to engine health issues and engine problems.

What are the Steps to reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?

Here are the detailed steps to reset transmission control module Chevy:

Step 1: Manage the Key Position

You must check the key position before resetting the transmission control module. Choose the key position to 2 and the dashboard lights must be illuminated. Setting the ‘KEY’ position is crucial.
Stepping on the accelerator is not required. Notice the two clicks diligently. The dashboard lights will illuminate simultaneously. Do not start the engine.

Step 2: Press on Gas Pedal

Once you complete Step 1, the next is to step on the accelerator pedal. Pressing it all the way down is crucial. To activate the kick-down switch, depress the accelerator pedal. Maintain the depressing and proceed to step 3

Step 3: Wait for a While

Patience is the key to resetting your Chevy transmission control module. Depress the module for 15 seconds to allow the accelerator pedal to work for the full reset procedure.

Step 4: Turn off the Key

Now, turn to press the accelerator pedal for 10 seconds and then return the key. Remember to press the accelerator while returning the key. Ensure your foot is on the pedal while you are doing all the ‘resettings’. As you returned the key to 2, it’s time to return it to its previous position. Turn the key off by returning it to zero using your hands. You should keep your key at the current position now.

Step 5: Release Gas Pedal

Once the key is back to the home position, it’s time to release the accelerator pedal. But, you must ensure that you press the accelerator pedal throughout the previous step.
Once the key is turned to the position ‘zero’, you should release the accelerator pedal.

Step 6: Have Patience

The restart process takes a while so you need to be patient here. Once you take off your foot from the accelerator, you can reset Chevy.
Keep your engine off for 5 minutes. The ignition key should be at the ‘off’ position. Take your time and do not change the key.

Step 7: Set to go

Now you are almost done with your procedure of resetting the transmission control module Chevy. The procedures for Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCM) are complete by now.
It’s time to take your car on a drive. Drive for 10 minutes. You can notice that the ECU works perfectly along with the TCU process.

4160e Transmission Control Module Location

Transmission module is located at the rear of transmission case. It is precisely under the cover below the engine control module. It is under the interior center console or even under the hood for certain car models.

Rear cover, alloy parts and hood are the three cast aluminium alloy part which are present in the latest generation 4160-E transmission.

Cooling inlet of automatic transmission are located on the right side of the square oil reservoir. Their input shaft have 30 slots. The early 700R4 (1982- 1989), 4L60 (1990-1992) or 4L60E (1992-1997) are not equipped with the ‘six hex bolts’ which are present in 4L60E automatic transmission on the rear output or rear cover.

Camaro, Suburban, Astro, Yukon, Jimmy, C/K Truck, Silverado, Firebird, Bravada and Corevette are some of the options that come with 4L60E transmission module

Causes of a bad or failing Transmission Control Module TCM

TCM failure may be caused by heat fluctuations, overuse, thermal stress, and short circuits in the circuits. If the problem persists your TCM will stay in lower gear but not more than the 3rd gear. They can seriously impair your driving safety. Hence, these conditions cannot be ignored.

If you observe these symptoms with the engine warning light on, it will best to diagnose your car through your transmission scan tool. You can get a professional to look at the TCM and check that everything’s working properly in the machine.

If the lights of this system on the passenger side of the vehicle indicate your car’s symptoms you can see if they will show your vehicle’s condition.

Symptoms of Bad Transmission Control Module

Here are the signs which reflect your Transmission COntrol Module is bad:

  • The problem in switching gears to higher speeds
  • Delayed Shifting
  • Fuel economy is poor
  • Unpredictable Shifting
  • The car is struck in first or neutral gear
  • During acceleration, the transmission does not upshift
  • The vehicle is struck in the first gear or neutral
  • there is a delay in shifting

Frequently Asked Questions

What code does a Bad TCM throw?

The faulty Transmission Control Module (TCM) throw dome error code. You can check this using the ODB-II scanner. Codes such as P0706, p0700, and P0613 indicates the faulty transmission.

How much does it cost to replace a TCM?

The cost of TCM varies between $400 to $700. The entire cost for replacing the TCM module shall vary between $500 to $ 1000. You can always check the prices online to fetch the best deals.

How do I reset my Chevy ECM?

Using a wrench, you need to remove the negative battery cable nut. Then remove the battery cable. Now turn on the headlight switch to drain the remaining power in ECM. Turn back it to the ‘off’ position after 10 minutes.

Can I reprogram my transmission control module?

Yes, you can reprogram the transmission control module. It generally takes 30-40 minutes. Once the machine finished the loading, programming gets complete. Thereafter the data passes to PCM memory chip.

Can I reset my TCM by disconnecting the battery?

No, when you disconnect the battery, the TCM will not get back to its default settings. You must use the transmission scan method for this purpose. Turning off the battery terminals will not solve the problem.

What happens if i lose my communication with TCM?

If you get a diagnostic code (DTC) U0101, it indicates that you lost your communication with TCM. It also signifies that TCM is not accepting the transmit response via CAN bus.

Malfunctioning in the TCM circuit, faulty or empty TCM are the primary causes for the U0101 code.

Do I need to pogram TCM?

It is necessary to program the transmission control module if you want to install a new one. It is worth noting that the programming must be done in vehicles.

Once you install the new TCM, dont service your vehicle. If you do so, it will cause the premature failure of automatic transmission.

Repair Vs Replacement – what should i do for my bad TCM?

Repairing TCM will cost you around $300 dollars but buying a new one will cost you around $400 to $1000 depending on the quality you choose. Repair is the fast yet temporary method while Replacement is a long term solution.

Wrap Up

The steps mentioned are extremely simple to use. You just have to keep these points in mind and go for it. It will never take longer to finish the process. You have 45 minutes to drive and finished!

If you want automatic transmission then it can help you out. Please list the instructions for resetting your Chevy’s transmission control module!

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