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How much Horsepower Does a Camshaft Add: 90% Don’t Know

One of many people’s questions is just how much power can be gained by customizing or changing an engine component. Commonly, this question refers to how much horsepower a camshaft adds.

Of course, simply asking how more power can be gained without any other information is virtually meaningless since so many variables play into the equation.

We’ll look at this question more closely without getting too bogged down in technical details and formulae.

Why is there such a Large Variation in Answers?

Quite a few factors contribute or detract from how much power can be gained with any certain camshaft on any given engine combination. Some of these factors include:

  1. Compression ratio
  2. Head flow characteristics/efficiency
  3. Exhaust system
  4. Ignition timing
  5. Engine displacement
  6. engine RPM capabilities
  7. Advertised compression ratio vs. CR at the piston’s deck surface

As you can see, quite a few variables play into how much a camshaft will add to an engine combination. No single answer or “formula” can be used reliably to determine the gains from a camshaft part number.

What is Camshaft?

Camshafts formulated to improve motor performance can significantly increase horsepower. Their approach is to alter the timing of the valve and lengthen the number of times it is open.

You can expect up to 50-100 more HP and a better camshaft replacement. However, if that engine horsepower is what you want, you could also need to modify some parts and get some improvements to unleash the maximum capacity fully.

The camshaft is crucial to the engine and works together with the crankshaft in a precise sequence that helps the engine function. It is worth exploring the place your cash plays.

How Does a Camshaft Work?

The camshaft is in charge of the valve operation, which allows air-fuel mixture into the engine by opening and closing the valves. There is a cam dedicated for each valve, and you will typically have two and four-cam systems to choose from.

The role of the camshaft is to convert rotational motion into up and down motion for the various parts of the engine – valve lifter, valves, rocker arm, tappet, and valve spring. With more cams, the engine can breathe better. Hence, switching from stock camshafts to aftermarket camshafts is wise to let the engine breathe better.

As the engine has a better chance of air intake along with improved exhaust system’s gas regulations.

How Do Camshafts and Crankshafts Work Together?

Crankshafts and camshaft located on the opposite sides of the engine work in sync. Both of them seamlessly for the engine’s optimal performance. The timing chain in the engine part connects the crankshafts and camshafts.

As camshaft converts the rotational energy into up and down motion. The job of the crankshaft is exactly the opposite. However, the timing of each camshaft valve opening once while the crankshaft turning twice must be perfect. If you replace the engine or timing belt, it’s going to save you time. Find out whether your machine has been specifically built to be durable, but its condition can be disastrous if timing belts wear out and cause your engine to stop.

The crankshaft converts the up and down motion into rotational motion. The pressure exerted due to the downward force of the piston converts it to rotation leading the engine to run.

There are four stages for the combustion cycle in the engine:

  • Intake System: Fuel and air are sucked in at this stage.
  • Compression: A mixture of air and fuel is compressed in the machine.
  • Power: The spark plug fires to create a force on the piston
  • Exhaust System: Crankshaft turns the piston. The pollutants and gases are expelled via the exhaust system.

There are two revolutions in each combustion cycle, but the camshaft turns once. The chain wear or timing belt syncing the camshaft and crankshaft must be durable.

Wearing out of the timing belt can cause irreparable damage.

How do I Replace the Camshaft?

Find a reliable mechanic and ask if these mechanics will upgrade any camshaft that you have.

If you want to save on money, you can always refer to some DIY maintenance and repair tips. But, it is recommended to seek the advice of a professional automobile mechanic.

Does the Camshaft Affect Power?

The stock camshaft was engineered precisely to provide longevity, maximum power, and fuel economy. Performance cams increase the duration and timing of the valve openings during the engine stroke, increasing horsepower and making your car accelerate more quickly.

One horsepower increase is 10 to 20 horsepower and does not affect the amount of fuel sprayed into the cylinder.

The process of getting more power out of an automobile is an ever-changing cycle of improvement. Add fuel injector parts, and you need more valves. Cam Swap these, and you’re required to improve the intake and exhaust to discharge the air that carries the air. After all of this, you can get a 50-100 horsepower boost, but for now, it is just too difficult to tell if all the upgrade is worth it.

How much Horsepower does a Camshaft add and Boost Performance?

It has a better camshaft that allows the valves to be pressed shut more quickly without falling out from time or disrupting the timing of synchronized engines.

The right mixture of air and fuel makes an engine that provides more power, performance, longer reliability, and, most importantly, more fuel-efficient. Good machines also affect the gases from the vehicle’s emissions.

They also help the exhaust system work efficiently and are free to breathe without any blocked-up airways. It also contributes more horsepower and more performance and, most importantly: better fuel economy, said the producer.

Should you Swap the Camshaft?

Over time the transmission loses speed as the wear and decay accumulate. Cleaning out the system manually and adding additive fuel will increase the output of the engine.

A cam camshaft replacement is certainly an alternative, but comparing them to other high-performance aftermarket options is no good. Emission requirements impede modern cars, so deleting as much as legally possible will improve breathing and give the driver more power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace a camshaft?

Steps to replace a camshaft are shown in this article.

How much does a camshaft cost?

The average cost of a normal passenger car camshaft is $200 for an aftermarket brand and $275 brand new, and also some put up to $500 or more than that.

Is it possible to install the camshaft myself?

If it is given to you, installing a new camshaft can be difficult.

Does the camshaft affect horsepower?

Not only do camshafts help increase horsepower, but they also help improve performance, fuel economy, and more.

How much horsepower does a camshaft add?

A camshaft is an engine part that has one or more valves per cylinder. It performs four primary functions: opening and closing the intake to allow air in, opening the exhaust valve to release the exhaust, opening the intake and exhaust valves at the desired time, and finally controlling when and how long engines run.

Does replacing a camshaft add horsepower?

One horsepower increase is 10 to 20 horsepower and does not affect the amount of fuel sprayed into the cylinder. Change your engine parts for better performance. Buying new features will help you get the best performance results.

Does a bad camshaft ruin an engine?

A camshaft controls when and how long engines run. A worn or broken camshaft can cause reduced horsepower, poor idling, rough idling, or stalling problems.

How much horsepower does a new camshaft give?

An engine camshaft is an engine part that has one or more valves per cylinder. It performs four primary functions: opening and closing the air intake, opening the exhaust valve to release the exhaust, opening the intake and exhaust valves at the desired time, and finally controlling when and how long engines run.

Do you need to change the camshaft timing belt?

A camshaft and timing belt work together, and both of them can cause a lot of problems if the timing is incorrect.

How much horsepower does an upgraded camshaft give?

I can get up to 15% more horsepower by just installing a new camshaft in your vehicle.

Do new camshafts add horsepower and torque?

Yes, a new camshaft adds horsepower and torque output.


To max out your motor horsepower, remove everything in your trunk, outboard cabin, and even seat belts. You can also install a high-pressure air filter to help reduce exhaust emissions.

Consider installing a performance camshaft for faster steering. Alternatively, installing a water injection system on your engine increases mileage and reduces carbon deposits in combustion chambers.

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