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7 Best Engine Coolant & Antifreeze in 2023: Reviews

Coolants and Antifreeze are the most critical aspects of your engine but are often ignored by people unless they create a severe issue. Their relevance can be understood from the fact that a low-level or wrong coolant to your car can lead to irreversible damage to your engine and cost you hefty repairs, according to Quora Users.

Hence, if you are considering a coolant flush or a coolant top-up, it is essential to know about the best engine coolants and Antifreeze in the market to extend the life of your engine.

Using Wrong Coolant Can Even Void Your Car Warranty – Do You Know?

With many choices in the market, choosing the best engine coolant and antifreeze can be overwhelming. Hence, we have you covered with the best engine coolants and antifreeze in the market that can extend your engine’s life and prevent the engine’s warranty from becoming void.

With many choices in the market, choosing the best engine coolant and antifreeze can be overwhelming. Hence, we have you covered with the best engine coolants and antifreeze in the market that can extend your engine’s life and prevent the engine’s warranty from becoming void.

Essential Features of Best Engine Coolants and Antifreeze: Buying Guide

Here are some of the essential factors that you need to consider before buying an ideal coolant/antifreeze for your car’s radiator

Boiling/Freezing Points

The best coolants have high freezing and boiling points. Antifreeze coolants must withstand high heat before they can break down their molecules and vaporize, and they should be stable at temperatures below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolant should prevent engine ice even at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Liquid Color

Different colors indicate that antifreeze coolants have been formulated in different ways. Green coolants are formulated with Inorganic Acid Technology, containing silicates and phosphates and acting as main corrosion inhibitors, and organic Acid Technology is used to formulate orange coolants. These coolants also have corrosion inhibitors. Orange coolants last three times longer than green coolants.

Type of additive

Many antifreeze coolants contain additives that enhance the lubricant’s performance. Demineralized water, which is usually formulated in a 50/50 mixture, is one common additive. Ethylene glycol, which has a low freezing temperature and is easy to make, is another popular additive. Non-toxic additives such as silicates, phosphates, and propylene glycol prevent corrosion of the vehicle’s cooling systems. Do you know, what coolant does your car need?

Additional Considerations

  • Engine Compatibility: Diesel engines require different antifreeze properties than gasoline engines. Diesel engines are susceptible to cylinder wall corrosion, so antifreeze must be formulated with Supplement Cooler Additives (SCA) to prevent this from happening. Overheating engines can cause engine damage and require antifreeze with a high boiling point.
  • Anticorrosion Properties: Engine parts can rust on aluminum, brass, and alloys. The cooling agent must be tailored to prevent corrosion of metal parts and chemical reactions that can lead to electrolysis or chemical reactions within the engine.

Best Antifreeze/Coolant in 2022

After researching more than 27 antifreeze, we have shortlisted 7 best Antifreeze/coolant that can be the perfect addition to your car’s radiator:

S.NoBest Antifreeze/Coolant in 2022Buy Now
1.PEAK Long Life 50/50 AntifreezeCheck Price in Amazon
2.Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Concentrate AntifreezeCheck Price in Amazon
3.Zerex Extended Life Red Heavy DutyCheck Price in Amazon
4.EVANS Cooling Systems EC53001Check Price in Amazon
5.General Motors ACDelco DEX-Cool CoolantCheck Price in Amazon
6.ShellZone AntifreezeCheck Price in Amazon
7.ProLine Extended Life AntifreezeCheck Price in Amazon

1. PEAK Long Life 50/50 Antifreeze

With an excellent rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, Peak Long Life is a premixed coolant that comes in ready to use version. This glycol-type coolant is free from borate and silicate. If you are using a factory coolant that is based on glycol, this can be an excellent choice to save your car from a void warranty.

It comes with patented and advanced organic acid technology that extends lifetime protection for your engine. Specifically formulated for European, American, and Asian vehicles, this automotive antifreeze can be used for topping up green, red, fuchsia, orange, yellow, and blue anti-freezes.


  • Compliance with ASTM D-4340 and ASTM D-3306 specifications
  • Features patented non-2-EH formula
  • Ensure guaranteed lifetime protection
  • Protection against rust and corrosion


  • Price is higher competing with many hi-end brands

2. Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Concentrate Antifreeze

The next coolant on our list is concentrated but has the outstanding universal compatibility feature. It is as durable as any other OEM replacement fluid and extends excellent engine protection. It also lubricates and protects the gaskets to prevent any coolant leakage.

Although you need to mix it with water before adding it to the reservoir, it is easy to store due to its compact size. Although the ideal mix of antifreeze and water stands at 50:50, you can mix them by your engine needs.

Coming to its price, it is a highly affordable option when compared to pre-mixed coolants.


  • It comes with long lasting performance
  • Universal antifreeze compatible with most car engines
  • Flexibility to choose your mix
  • Protects and lubricates the seals as well as gaskets
  • Economical pricing


  • It would help if you made the coolant with the appropriate ratio before adding it to the engine.

3. Zerex Extended Life Red Heavy Duty

It is a heavy-duty concentrated solution that can go up to a ratio of 70:30 (coolant: water) for heavy-duty diesel engines. It is a multi-purpose coolant used in diesel generators and other diesel engine applications.

Whether you own a diesel truck or any other diesel applications, this heavy-duty coolant is a perfect addition to your engine life. It is available in both concentrate and ready-to-mix versions. It is as per the specifications of Cummins 14603, Link-Belt, Cummins 3666286, and Thermo King.

50 quarts of Zerex extender can go up to 3,00,000 miles/ 3 years/ 7000 hours – whichever is less on initial fill.


  • Patented Organic Acid Corrosion inhibitor technology
  • Highly suitable for diesel engines
  • Comes with long-lasting performance
  • Comes with bittering agent denatonium benzoate up to 50 ppm
  • Terex Approved


  • Not Compatible with gasoline cars

4. EVANS Cooling Systems EC53001

Another water-free coolant on our list has promising features such as prolonging engine life and reducing corrosion. You can combine this antifreeze with water-free prep fluid to keep your coolant absolutely water free. It is designed for various engines such as modern-day four cylinders, vintage V-8, CNG, light duty vehicles, and vintage gasoline-powered vehicles, making it a highly compatible anti-freeze.

Compared to regular coolants, it comes with long-lasting performance and hence requires less coolant change.


  • Long Lasting performance
  • The higher boiling point of 375 Degrees
  • Minimizes the chances of rusting and corrosion
  • Improved combustion efficiency and fuel economy
  • Low vapor pressure and lesser coolant loss


  • Price is on the higher side
  • It May require some minor installation process

5. General Motors ACDelco DEX-Cool Coolant

If you are looking for an OEM coolant, this efficient coolant must be on your list. This orange color antifreeze is 100% pure DEX-COOL from the jug, and diluting it with distilled water turns it into red/pink. Check out the coolant color. If it is orange in color, then DEX-cool is an excellent choice. Excellent delivery by Amazon makes your buying experience fantastic.

Many customers on Amazon reviewed it as genuine fluid with the best pricing. As it is 100% concentrated, storing and handling it is super easy. You always have the flexibility to decide the mix ratio to make the coolant.


  • Complies with GM Specification 9986100
  • Free from Phosphorus and Silicate
  • Based on Carboxylate technology
  • Compatible with Newest Hybrid vehicles


  • Not compatible with green ethylene glycol-based radiators

6. ShellZone Antifreeze

It is a high-quality universal coolant with low silicate and is compatible with heavy-duty engines and other automobiles. All you need is to mix it with deionized water, and your coolant is ready!

It is specifically formulated to reduce the rusting and corrosion on your engine components. It comes at an affordable price justifying its features. If you own multiple vehicles, this coolant is a great pick that can work with different cars. As it is available in premix of 50:50, you never go wrong with its proportions.


  • Universal and heavy-duty engine coolant
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • It does not require mixing for top up
  • It comes with a bittering agent


  • Not compatible with all types of car models

7. ProLine Extended Life Antifreeze

ProLine’s antifreeze and coolant are concentrated; you must mix it with one part of water and one portion of the solution. One gallon of coolant is enough to make two gallons. This coolant is a great value proposition for anyone with an economy or other type of vehicle.

This coolant can also be mixed with other types, such as coolants of different colors or brands. It is a full-strength antifreeze that also goes well with light-duty trucks, and you can easily mix it with any other color antifreeze.


  • Compatible with many models and makes
  • You get two gallons of coolant after mixing with water
  • Compatible with ASTM D-4340 and ASTM D-3306
  • Designed to last for 5 year


  • Not compatible with expensive and new vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of coolants?

There are three types of coolant currently on the market: Inorganic Acid Technology, Organic Acid Technology, and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology.

IAT coolants are green in color and contain an ethylene glycol-based antifreeze solution. All antifreeze solutions can be toxic to the environment. However, IAT types are more harmful than those found in HOAT coolants.

HOAT coolants typically use propylene glycol antifreeze instead of ethylene glycol. Propylene glycol is less toxic and kinder to the environment than ethylene glycol, and it first appeared as an anti-freeze solution in the 1920s. OAT coolants, ethylene glycol-based, are intended to be slightly more gentle on the environment than IAT coolants. OAT coolant is not recommended for GM products.

Organic additives are also used in OAT and HOA coolants to prevent corrosion, scaling, and rust. Because they don’t cause the rubber to degrade as quickly as green IAT coolants, using a coolant that contains organic additives can prolong the life expectancy of your coolant system’s rubber pipes.

If your vehicle was manufactured before 2002, it is likely that it still uses the green IAT-based coolant. It may use OAT or HOAT coolants if it is a newer vehicle.

Which antifreeze type should I use?

As mentioned, you should consult your owner’s manual before purchasing antifreeze. If you do not have such documentation, you can talk to a service center technician or the manufacturer’s technical support group. Or, you can search online to find the best solution.

It would help if you did not use random antifreeze in any car, and it can cause damage to the vehicle in the long term. It is highly recommended that you do extensive research before choosing a solution that will give you a safe, hassle-free driving experience for the next couple of years.

What happens if I use the wrong coolant or mix coolants?

Coolants can be mixed with many other coolants. Mixing coolants is a good idea for optimizing engine performance and reducing corrosion in the cooling system. However, it won’t cause a major engine failure.

Coolant types are the same. While some vehicles might require a specific type of coolant to work well with them, most coolants are compatible with all cars. It would help if you used the recommended coolant by the manufacturer to prolong the life of your engine and ensure that it runs at its peak performance.

Also, ensure that your vehicle has sufficient coolant. It would help if you did not let your coolant drop below the recommended level, and it could cause your engine to overheat and eventually fail.

How can I tell when to change my coolant?

If your engine feels hot and isn’t slippery, you’ll know it needs new coolant. Coolant has lubrication additives that help reduce corrosion in its cooling system. However, these lubrication qualities can be lost in the older coolant.

You can also perform a “smell test to determine if coolant is corrosive.” If your coolant smells burnt, it needs to be replaced. Old coolant can also turn rusty and murky, and it is essential to change the coolant.

What do the Different colors mean?

Although not all manufacturers follow the same color-coding guidelines for coolants, IAT types coolants almost always come in green.

OAT and ‘DexCool’ coolants are usually orange or yellow. It made it easy to distinguish DexCool coolants from the IAT-type coolants, which GM introduced in the 1990s.

Modern HOAT coolants come in many colors, including blue, pink, orange, and yellow. Make sure you read the label carefully before buying coolants. The color of the coolant is not always a sign of the type of coolant.


Choosing the correct coolant/anti-freeze is significant to upkeep your engine’s health. There may be many economic substitutes for your existing pricey coolant that you can explore once you have explicit knowledge about your vehicle requirements and the components of the coolant you will choose.

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