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How To Fix a Coolant Leak in Car (2023): Ultimate Guide

How To Fix a Coolant Leak in Car

How would you react if you found out that your car has a coolant leak? Would you panic or calmly fix it? If you don’t know how to repair a coolant leak in your vehicle, then read on.

Estimated TimeSkill NeededEstimated Cost
1-2 hoursIntermediate $300 – $1200

Coolant leaks occur when the radiator cap gets damaged or when the hoses become loose. These problems usually happen because of poor maintenance or neglect. In order to prevent coolant leaks from happening, you should check the fluid levels regularly. Also, make sure that you replace the coolant filter every year.

In this blog post we will discuss how to fix a coolant leak in car in detail. But Before that let’s quickly explore what is coolant and what prompts the coolant leak.

What is Coolant and Antifreeze?

Coolant and Antifreeze are similar but not same. Antifreeze is the concentrated solution made from ethylene glycol and silica. Coolant is the mixture of distilled water and antifreeze that is added to the engine to regulate the temperature. Places with extreme cold weather use propylene glycol that can only freeze below the -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

What are the Prominent Causes of Coolant/Antifreeze Leak?

There are several reasons that induce coolant/antifreeze leak. A blown radiator hose, warped head gasket and a bad hose clamp are some of the common reasons for coolant leak in car. Penetration of coolant from radiator results in to cascading fluid that overheats the engine, contaminate the oil and even warps the heads.

Here are the five prominent causes of Coolant/Antifreeze leak:

Radiator Hole

Radiator Hole

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