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Muscle Cars at the Strip Show

Words by Jim Baker

Photos by Venue Racing Media

One of the largest car show series this writer has covered occurred in April at the 2018 Muscle Cars At The Strip.  It is impossible to cover all of the fine cars which were on display at Kingman, Ariz., the Las Vegas downtown show; and at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the huge event. On both Saturday and Sunday during action on the drag strip, many Friday winners displayed their plaques from Muscle Cars Magazine  and Stith Printing.

The title of WORLD’S ULTIMATE was provided to five recipients in: Truck; Mopar Modified; Mopar stock; GM Modified; and Ford Modified.


The Truck title went to Robert Kennedy for his 2005 SRT-10 Dodge pick-up. Mopar modified was the property of Sil Brander, (lead photo), for the outstanding creation of a Chrysler PT Cruiser Pro Mod, Brander, of San Jacinto, Calif., built the car mainly as a show piece, but it can run in the Pro Mod class utilizing a 572 cubic inch wedge Mopar motor with Indy aluminum cylinder heads. Boost is supplied by three nitrous stages through 2.45” intake valves. The wheel base, while short, has been stretched out to 118” to aid in handling. Sal no longer drives, but ‘back in the day’ was one of many Top Fuel dragster pilots in the Southern California mecca.


Mopar Stock was awarded to Darryl Wischnewski for the fine restoration of his 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. GM Modified went to Keith Echols for his unusual 1968 Chevrolet Caprice.

Ford owner Jim Bassett was the Ford Modified winner with his beautiful 1964 Ford Galaxy, with an overhead cam Ford 427 engine.

A top 5 GM list included the awesome Corvette ‘Taz’ fielded by Dan Ferson; others in the category were: Bill McNitt, James Fritcher, and Shane Brown.


For us the show started Thursday afternoon at Martin-Swanty Dodge in Kingman, Ariz. The afternoon exhibit was part of two ‘Cruise-ins’ for the MCATS event. Entrants from Arizona and Albuquerque, NM ,converged at the dealership, which provided food and water to the travelers.

The exhibit in Kingman was followed with a complete show in Downtown Las Vegas as show cars were displayed at a rock concert Friday night for the public. The concert was free for all MCATS fans with a wrist band.

The downtown outdoor concert venue was home to the Friday Night Car Show during the lively concert on stage.

In the Mopar E body, Brad Larson won ‘Best in Class’ with his 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda’


‘Best in Class’ awards went to Don Weberg; Frank Felling; Dean Christerson; and Jason Larson (pictured below) from Morarin, Utah.

The Street Rod title Friday night went to Ed Eller’s pristine 1934 Plymouth coupe. The beautiful car was a favorite with fans on Saturday’s mammoth display at the strip. The judges credited the vintage car with another ‘Best in Class’ award on Saturday.

Another dual winner was Colorado’s Amy Hosterman who displayed her American Motors AMX for the many fans to enjoy.


Additional ‘Best in Class’ awards went to: Steve Pincouski; Sappio Piki; Wynn Alred; Robert Roxy; Ron Couch; and Will Goode.

They were joined by Rex Wilson who went to all three shows with his award winning 1956 Plymouth Wagon from Klamath Falls, OR. Older readers may remember that Plymouth offered a HT Coupe of this car which came with a 2 – 4 barrel V8 and was a real contest for the ’56 Chevys of the day.

Gary Enlow from Casper, WY, presented a 1965 Dodge A100 for judges to ponder.

During Saturday’s final judging, Jackie Owens won an ‘Award of Excellence’ for her beautiful 2004 Dodge 1500 GTX called ‘Plumb Crazy’!  Another AofE was presented to Alex Sandin from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Alex, part of a large contingent from south of the border,  won ‘Best in Show’ at the 2017 Tucson Dragway Reunion.

Alex Sandin raced the car during the event and won an Award of Excellence at the show!


A modified ’71 up went to Abraham Vega, while Jim Patterson took home honors for B modified. Doug Schnieder’s ’72 Road Runner won the Award of Excellence. B body restified went to Don McRae while the AofE went to David Claus. B body Modified ’69 and older went to William Whitson with Bruce Erickson the Award of Excellence.

This supercharged behemoth belongs to David Btazeau and was the ‘Best in Class’ winner of ’70 & up B body modified class.

C Body Stock, Best in Class went to Jeffery Laiserin with a ’71 Chrysler Newport while Darryl & Jo Dutton were winners in C body restified.


E body ‘Best in Class’ was claimed by Jurgen Stanley while

Peter Regan’s restored ‘Cuda’ was the Award of Excellance! E body restified went to Milton Karadain with Michael Wolf’s ’71 Challenger in the AofE spot.


‘Best in Class’ for E body modified was captured by Tom Skjonsberg while Prescott, AZ’s Troy & Julie Rainwater won the Award of Excellance, and also raced their car.


‘Best in Class’ awards were picked up by Dennis Knox; Marco Sandin; & Sergio Leoni.

Marco Sandin, one of the Hermosillo, Mexico group in attendance, won ‘Best in Class’ with his stunning red Dodge Viper.

The Vintage title went to this 1956 Chrysler 300. Ken Nicholson presented the ‘oldie but goodie’ and won ‘Best in Class.’


Street Rod went to Sil Brander who also presented the Chrysler PT Cruiser shown at the top of this story; and Truck ’01 & Newer went to Joseph Peterson.


These are the highlights of an awesome display of Muscle Cars & Mopars. There are many deserving cars and photos which just missed by a small margin. The turnout was huge and is a testament to the rapport which Phil & Jill Painter have with their following.


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