Four tires on the rear of the truck, that’s what we rely on to handle the load of our high torque output Cummins engine and our nearly 20,000-lb. trailer. Toyo built these tires for trucks like ours. Note the different look on our Laramie rims. While the tires were off the rims we had CalChrome in Valencia, Calif., give our wheels a whole new look with their Fusion Coating process. Check back next month for the full story on CalChrome.

With six new tires mounted on our truck, it was time to see how well they work. As you can see in the photos, the tread is aggressive and it’s apparent that these will work well off the highway. In our experience aggressive tread tires tend to be very noisy, it’s the price you pay to play in the mud and rocks. Also in our experience, tough, severe duty tires tend to ride stiffly, again a compromise that you accept for the durability you need.

Our first clue that these tires are different was how easily the tires balanced. Our installer remarked on how little weight was needed to balance our heavy truck wheel and tire assembly. Our big, LT235/80R17 wheels with Toyo Open Country C/T tires mounted needed as little as .75 of an ounce to balance on one of the wheels, less than the weight of a first class letter. That’s just flat out remarkable.

When we hit the road the very first thing we noticed was how smoothly the tires rolled. Now, don’t get us wrong, a 3500 dually diesel has very stiff suspension and tends to have a lot of “chop” when driving unloaded on highways. But with these tires installed, the ride was noticeably smoother. Actually, we’d say that they were significantly smoother than the OEM fitment tires had been. The truck now has a ride that borders on luxurious.

Once on the road our concerns about noise disappeared. At highway speed we can hear the tires, but it’s faint and non-obtrusive, if you so much as turn the radio on softly you can’t hear the tires at all. We’d say you have to be listening for any noise in order to hear it. Given how aggressive the tread is the tires are amazingly quiet. Toyo says that the tread pattern was developed using their proprietary T-Mode simulation software.  The tread block shapes and multi-pitch design work together to provide a low noise tire.

With our trailer loaded up we hit the road for a race. The tires continued to impress us, smoothly rolling down the road with a confidence inspiring solidity. When lane changing or turning there’s none of the swaying or shimmying feel that some tires have; just a feeling of being well connected with the road. The tires feature a very deep tread, well over half-an-inch deep, which not only works well off-road but means that there’s a lot of tread to last you for a lot of miles on the road.

It’s summer here in the southwest as we write this, and we haven’t had a chance to try the tires in winter conditions. But we know that a three-peak rating means a tire is a serious snow tire.

We wanted a tire that is as tough and heavy duty as our truck, and Toyo delivered that in the Open Country C/T. We have confidence when we buckle into our truck that our tires are up to anything we’ll ask them to do. As a bonus, we also ended up with a tire that is remarkably smooth, comfortable and quiet.


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