Off-the-Track Horsepower

from Volume II, Issue 4

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Words and photos by James Drew

In the 1930’s the rich and famous went to the Del Mar Fairgrounds to bet on the horses and get away from Hollywood! But when you mention Del Mar to hot rod guys and gals they know that the Goodguys are in town putting on one of their biggest cruise and car shows on the West Coast, drawing cars from all over the good old U.S.A. Even with the big Mopar drag race and car show at the Strip in Las Vegas the same weekend there were plenty of Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth hot rods and muscle cars in Del Mar.  

Mike Hurley from Spring Valley, CA, debuted his 1934 Plymouth Coupe powered by a nice Keith Black Hemi with
Electronic Fuel Injection.

Wood Winfield’s 1964 Plymouth Fury complete with straight axle and 426 wedge with cross ram intake.
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Mopar car fanatics Jerry and Kristy Keller brought out their 1963 Dodge Coronet 300 with a hemi. Car is complete with parachute and wheelie bars.

There is a 426 wedge in Monty Bernstein’s car from San Gabriel, CA.

Looks good so far -- now to choose some color.

Here’s a classic woodie Town & Country.

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The ’68 Hemi ‘Cuda of Mike Pollard from Yuma, AZ, features dual mags.

Terry Stevens’s ’71 Dodge Challenger RT.

Frank Hinmon from Bakersfield, CA, displayed his ’57 Imperial with a 392 Hemi engine.

Who knows if this will be a classic someday. This 2007 Charger pays tribute to the General Lee. 

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