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The assault on the salt is an official wrap today, and Mopars were definitely out in force at the fastest place on earth. George Poteet took the Rad Rides by Troy 1969 Barracuda to a new record for its class. Poteet was a busy man out on the flats, piloting not only the Barracuda, but the Ron Main Ecotec-powered Blown Gas Streamliner, and the Camel Toe Racing Unblown Gas Coupe Ford Starliner.

The Mopete Coyote Brothers Racing Team crew shattered their previous record with a 200+ mph blast out on the long course with their ‘70 Plymouth Superbird. More wing car action had Lee Sicilio putting his ’69 Dodge Daytona into the ether with a near 250-mph blast out on the long course.

For more news on the Rad Rides by Troy George Poteet Barracuda slipstream on over to the Rad Rides Bonneville report, and for images of un-par Bonneville cars and contraptions head on over to the Jalopnik. (photos by Mike Bumbeck) []

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