Words and photos by Matt Strong
This huge air cleaner with the small “426 Hemi” decal tell the “full Monte” story. You do not need to be a big time engine guy to understand that this engine was delivering well over 500 HP from the factory. (Although it was rated far below that number to dominate Stock and S/S classes!)

Cars with names have always befuddled me, because few inanimate things can actually have people names and that do describe the item so named. It’s kind of like having a dog-named “cat”, but even more confusing. That said, this feature is about a car named “Stormy” that can throw down a storm of horsepower anytime it is in the mood. But, it isn’t just about performance, the look of the car or anything like that. It is all about a love song from 1966 – the year it was built. Mike Di’Milta is a romantic muscle car guy.

Mike had sold his “Dr. Oldsmobile” (the mad scientist) 330 CI 4-speed muscle car and needed another car fast, or was that another fast car? He wasn’t a newbie to hot Detroit iron, that’s for sure.

Since this is a Hemi, it can sling rocks and mud in the face of anyone giving him a hard time. Mike bought this car used, with 9,000 miles on the clock in 1967.  He paid a “kingly” amount for this 1966 Hemi Satellite; $2,200, just $300 off the factory sticker price that the original owner had paid one year earlier. (You have to remember that is about $35,000 of today’s dollars.)