By Matt Strong

Let’s take a moment to discuss the genre of “Rat Rods.” Most of them are little more than a low-cost early '30s body on some old and low-cost frame rails with a low-cost engine and suspension. They are never beautiful except to the owner and like-minded individuals. This story is about another kind of rat rod if you consider it one. It is a full-bodied and full-fendered 1956 Plymouth station wagon owned by Arron Kushner of Holmes, NY. Is it a rat rod? Only if you consider the OEM body in un-restored condition, with some non-factory crusty places, to be the telling mark of a rat rod.

When I first saw this car I was blown away by the 19s in front and 22s on the back of this crusty old wagon. Then I listened to the motor and knew it was more than an old Chrysler flathead L-6 or even a “Polyspheric” 318 – V8 under the hood. I gave the owner my card and asked him to send me an e-Mail, so I could send back a Tech Sheet. He not only sent me back a complete package of information, he also included his reasons why he saved this car from returning to the soil. By the way, Ferris Oxide is just plain old rust.

I’m not sure if the owner of this ’56 Plymouth Sport Suburban is after my job or simply waxes poetic and gushes about this crusty example of the best of Mopar’s station wagon era in the '50s. Either way I’m sure he is sincere so I’m going to include Aaron’s explanation of why he built this car.

This is my favorite license plate frame of all time. I now proudly run these on my own hot rod. The multitude of different frame sayings is astounding, but new ones keep coming in all the time, according to Aaron.
At first glance this '56 Plymouth wagon isn’t much to look like. But you really need to look closer to appreciate it.
Aaron has a very bright mind that I really enjoy. I approached him as an equal, albeit younger hot rodder. He is my kind of man because his word is his bond.