Architecturally Certified - Barry Terach's '71 Challenger
This is the angle that makes the car look beautiful and nasty looking.

Architecturally Certified

Barry is a forty one year old architect with a heavy foot and a penchant to drive quickly. When he decided to upgrade his 1971 Challenger motor he choose Hughes Engines, a Mopar specialist, to do the work because of his good reputation and his advanced knowledge of Mopar vehicles.

Although Barry’s first muscle car was a 1970 Cougar, purchased in 1983 and sold in 1984, he decided to up the bar and went to Chargers and Challengers.  Barry’s healthy affliction with the “Mopar Virus” has been going on for a many years starting in 1984 with a 71 Charger then a series of three Challengers; one each ‘71 & ‘72 Challengers – drop-tops both, while the last car is the feature this month.

This Mallory distributor provides plenty of firepower for this monster engine.

His latest automotive love is this 1971 Dodge Challenger; the vehicle he has spent the most money on. When he purchased this car in a 1989 it was for just $2,800. But like many of us, he got carried away and made a major investment, as he has +60,000 dollars invested in the car today. (Just don’t let his wife know.)

His money was well spent as the car was completely disassembled, media blasted and finally a little bit of rust work (for a Northeast car) completed the body. From there it was a stock front suspension, rebuilt 8 ¾” differential, stock SS springs and Caltrac arms in the rear and the car was ready for the powertrain. The car has a wet weight of only 3,120 pounds without the driver.

The engine started out as a Mopar Performance iron wedge (comes with a bit of Nickel in the block to make it tough). This is an outstanding block choice to build an engine upon. As it came from MP it had a bore to deliver a 440 CI displacement using the stock forged crankshaft. But, Barry chose a forged SCAT stroker instead. The bore size is now 4.390”, up from 4.320”, with a SCAT forged stroker crank at 4.375”. That plus an engine over bored 0.070” make take it to that magic “over” +500”ci displacement number at 530 CI.