The car looks fast even while it’s standing still.




















A 540 cubic inch jewel shines under the custom designed fiberglass hood.

By his own admission John Burpee will tell you he’s a true motor head, always has been, and without doubt, always will be. He displays a love and appreciation for most things mechanical, and has a certain affliction for Classic American Muscle. As any good motor head worth their “I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying” bumper sticker can tell you, there will always be that one car that just stops you in your tracks, the car that just reaches out and grabs you, the car that somehow, magically forces you to fall head over heels in love with it, the car that you vow to own someday, even if it means selling your collection of Rolling Stones vinyl LP’s, or your first edition Superman comic book.

For John Burpee, the object of his affection would be a Dodge Hemi Dart, red with a black interior, and chrome wheels.