hile attending a recent Mopar car show a MoparMax.com fan came up to me and
said, “I really like your online magazine but it doesn’t have enough tech stories or
car features about late-model Mopars. Seems like the mag is devoted to the cars
from the ‘60s and   ‘70s.”

Well, I got to thinking about it and he is right. Aside from a few NHRA/IHRA Pro Stockers and
a few Vipers, we don’t have much in the way of current Mopar tech and car features.

Recently, though, when I visited the Philadelphia manufacturing plant of the Boninfante family to do an interview with East Coast drag racing legend and clutch manufacturer Nick Boninfante Sr., I noticed a new Dodge Challenger SRT-8 with some big rims on it in the parking lot by the main office. I looked in the window and saw the dash tag identifying the car as one of the 6400 special edition Challengers that the factory made. So when I got in the office I casually inquired as to who the Challenger belonged to and it turned out to belong to Nick Boninfante Sr.

When I asked Nick about the car he got a big grin on his face and told me it was his personal hot rod and that it was a wicked-fast Mopar limited Edition Challenger SRT-8.  

I assumed that because it was one of the limited edition Challengers and because it had 22-inch custom rims on all four corners Nick had probably hot-rodded it a bit, but when Nick opened the hood of the car I understood that it was a really, really fast and stealthy street crusher ‘cause under that hood was a Vortec supercharger bolted to the to 6.1 liter Hemi.