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Tony D’Agonstino runs Tony’s Part in Delaware. He could probably give you a real good deal on a pair of Goodyears like these once he is done! Seriously, getting his first car back was a source of great enjoyment for him.

As built, the 1970 Road Runner is considered one the most identifiable vehicles of the musclecar era. One thing that set it apart was the Air Grabber hood layout, something that did not come on the car new but that Tony’s had added when he first put the car together.

It could be said that our first car, in a lot of ways, was like our first girlfriend. And, like most first girlfriends, those cars also disappeared into the sands of time, gone but never truly forgotten. The Road Runner convertible you see here was the first car Tony D’Agostino ever bought, back when he was 13 years old.

Tony is someone you may have met. His Delaware-based company, Tony’s Parts, has served the Mopar hobby for three decades now, and he is one of the most well-versed NOS and recycled Chrysler parts vendors on earth.

Even at 13, the drop-top was actually not the first car he had a chance to buy. Together with his father Bob, who ran a body shop in Chester, N.Y., he had gone out a few weeks earlier to look at a 1969 Dodge Daytona with an asking price of $500.00. It was 1977, the height of the second big gas crunch, and musclecars were coming out of the woodwork. After leaving a deposit, 13-year-old Tony made the mistake of showing his mother a picture that night.

From behind, the car’s stance is evident. Using F60-15 rubber was one of the upgrades that Tony made from the as-sold product.

Another thing that made the 1970 Road Runner stand out was the reflective ‘dust stripe’ left by a cartoon road runner cruising down the side of the car. The color combination of this car – B5 blue, black interior and top, 15” Rallye wheels, and strip package – make it a real attention getter.