Gov Yearick’s GTX

A Mysterious GTX…Big on the Extraordinary

Chris Holley

For 1968, the Chrysler Corporation retooled the B-body sheet metal including the top of the line Plymouth GTX. Gov Yearick recently picked this 31K mile original “gentleman’s muscle car” GTX, and this GTX is heavy on the muscle with a 426 Hemi stuffed between the fenders. The ’68 GTXs proved to be decent sellers even with the well-optioned $4000+ purchase price, but with the added cost came the potential of mid-to-low 13-second blasts down the quarter mile.

In a world obsessed with labeling everything in an attempt to properly fit it into a specific category, what label should be attached to an un-restored, clean, low-mileage, mostly-original Plymouth GTX? There is the always popular and overused term “survivor.” The survivor tag is often associated with Corvette Grey Poupon crowd that speak of a survivor vehicle with the looking down the nose superciliousness of Thurston Howell III addressing Mrs. Howell, “Lovey, witness that survivor automobile.” While the survivor term equates to an extremely original version of a vehicle, it seems to be excessively used and often abused. Just visit a car corral at any large car show, and there will be dozens of “survivor” vehicles clad with aftermarket components clearly not meeting the requirements of a survivor.