712 Horsepower Bucket List GTX

We have had "Mopar Larry" Dewees in our magazine before, in 2012 with his "Built for a Purpose" 1966 Dodge Coronet. The last time we saw him, Larry was happily driving the Coronet to the local drag strip when he had a chance.

Fast forward to the spring of 2015 and Larry gives us a call to tell us there's been a change in his garage. As much of a dream as the Coronet was, it seems that Larry has had two cars on his bucket list for a long time. One would be an old school straight front axle Gasser style Mopar and the other a four-speed HEMI car. Larry almost worked out a deal with a fellow in North Carolina to trade the Coronet for a '41 Dodge in the Gasser style. But, being that Larry lives in Southern California the distance was a sticking point and the deal didn't happen.

Then at an event at Pismo Beach, Larry met anther fellow who had a 1968 Plymouth GTX 440 four-speed car. A little horse trading and Larry said goodbye to the Coronet and hello to the foundation to build one of his bucket list cars. Larry can clearly remember a day in 1970, when he was standing in a Dodge dealership looking at a new 1969 Vitamin C Orange Roadrunner HEMI on the showroom floor with a sticker price of $3,876. Larry heard a voice say, "Can I help you?" Larry replied that he was just looking and the salesman politely told him that he couldn't afford the car. Although the guy was right, it still hurt a bit.

It took 45 years, a Dodge to Plymouth trade, an understanding and supportive wife, the help of some fellow club members and Larry's brother, a connection that resulted in a HEMI engine in Larry's garage, and a whole lot more than $3,876 to finally possess his dream HEMI car. It's not a Roadrunner, but Larry is perfectly happy with his "Gentlemen's muscle car." Will he ever check off bucket list car number two, the straight axle Gasser? Only time will tell, but when you're as patient as Larry is, we wouldn't bet against it.

In addition to the photos below, check out our video interview with Larry on our MoparMax YouTube channel: