BEEauty or BEEast

Gary Dorling readily admits to being a lifelong motor head, and an all around car guy. He also falls into the Mopar Maniac category with his very pretty 1969 Super Bee. The discreetly modified 440 under the hood provides plenty of horses, and has been directly responsible for several broken motor mounts when maximum torque was applied. Dorling’s Super Bee is a definite beauty, but when need be; she can be a real beast.

Upon first meeting, it’s very evident that Gary Dorling is a personable type of guy with a very obvious love for just about anything automotive related. He’s normally wearing an ear-to-ear grin, and will happily pull up a chair to discuss the advantages gained when the duel scooped, “Ramcharger” air induction hood is installed on the mid-sized Chrysler “B” body. He is also one of the few folks that know what R/T and SRT actually stand for, if you are also a Mopar Maniac, no further explanation is required.

Dorling was raised in Austintown, Ohio, a small town of just 11 square miles in the northeast section of the state. He spent most of his formative years in Austintown, before relocating with the family to the warmer confines of the Sunshine State. Dorling completed his schooling at Tampa Bay Technical High School where he successfully earned his designation as a machinist, a trade he practices today. Dorling credits his father for his automotive addiction, “Dad was into racing, mostly drag racing, and I would tag along with him when I was young.” Dorling relates. “I used to tinker around the garage with him; he was really into the old Studebakers, the Hawk, cool old cars.” When asked to pinpoint the definitive moment that made his a gear head, Dorling responded, “Man, that’s tough, I would just have to say that I’ve always been exposed to it, my entire life has been spent around automobiles.”

The classic lines of the 1969 Super Bee will still turn heads.