Hughes Engines, Inc.
23334 Wiegand Lane
Washington, IL  

For our 318-specific HMC1326AL-9 Musclecar version, this is done with a 109º lop separation using a lower intake number (.517) and higher exhaust (.552); duration is also split at 213º intake, 226º exhaust. Here’s what it does – by making the smaller size exhaust valve more effective through additional lift and duration, the Whiplash scavenges the cylinder more effectively. This thing is made to work in the 2000-6000 rpm range; it’s not for a Super Stock car, and other than an occasional trip down Bristol Dragway, its biggest acceleration sites will be highway onramps and places where 1-2 is the most shifting we’ll do. The lope will be impressive; the increased performance will exceed that.

Part of the reason the lift number is so high is because Hughes also offers a 1.65 ratio rocker arm; had we stayed with the standard 1.5 ratio, lift would have been .485 and .518, respectively, which is still fairly stout on a street motor, but our larger ports will make use of the extra airflow possibilities. Hughes offers rockers in both ratios; these rockers are beautifully made from an aluminum alloy. Moreover, since the AAEQ heads use the pedestal mount Magnum rocker hardware, as opposed to the old shaft-mounted versions from the old days, putting these rockers on was a no-brainer. The AAEQ heads also take the Magnum 10-bolt covers, something that has been a problem as the national ‘clunker bombing of 2009’ took a HUGE number of these cars and Magnum engines out of commission; our friends at Mopar had a set of cast ones that will be the perfect finish.

When we were at Hughes, Dave and his crew showed us around. They have been doing this for a long time, and there were customer engines awaiting completion, heads getting reworked on their CNC machine, and a busy customer service desk. Like a lot of small companies that know what they are doing, Dave and his crew find there are never enough hours in the day. Take a look at our cam outfit, and take an exclusive tour at the Mopar-specific Hughes Engines shop, ‘where you always get "REAL"™ Mopar Parts.’

Our heads and valve gear; the few remaining parts are now on hand, our lil’ 318 is coming out of the Dart, and I’m gonna really have grease under my fingernails. (John Stunkard photo) Here is the Hughes Engines building in the little town of Washington, Illinois.