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Uncommon Pro Stock aluminum rocker covers were Direct Connection parts in 1974-84 or so. Added bulges (for monster valves springs) wholly detract from value.  Magnante says $250 for an unmolested pair would be more like it. 

Steve Mags sez about this fabricated tunnel cross-ram: “That it is not on a car, and sitting in the dirt at the swap meet, should serve as a warning that it might not be so great.” 



How it used to be done: put a real big motor in an intermediate-sized car. It was for sale cheap.








Got a better idea for your bathtub? Cipi Garcia tooled over from Winterhaven with his Roots-huffed, 440-spiked ’59 AMC Rambler. It looks race but is a bonafide street devil. Suede is definitely still in. 

More about whole cars than swap-meet parts, Big’s had few layouts this elaborate. Sheetmetal seemed the biggest draw. We saw several souls hugging fenders like they were innocents being saved from slavery.

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