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Deep Clean Engine Cleaner from Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil Products, Inc. introduces a new engine cleaner to its lineup, the Deep Clean GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection). This professional grade formula can remove up to half of all valve deposits after one use by using a concentrated solvent and fuel detergent bland. It will clean an engine’s air intake like the runners, ports and valves as well as the turbo. Designed to remedy and prevent problems associated with harmful carbon deposits that rob an engine of performance and fuel economy. Also effective with port fuel injection engines.

Brushless Fuel Pumps from Aeromotive

Aeromotive, the market leader in fuel delivery systems and components, introduces its new Signature Body Series Brushless Fuel Pumps.


The new Signature Body design is available for all four Aeromotive brushless pumps: the Brushless A1000 (P/N 11184), the Brushless Eliminator (P/N 11184), the 3.5 GPM Brushless Gear Pump (P/N 11185), and the 5.0 GPM Brushless Gear Pump (P/N 11186). Aeromotive’s popular Brushless Fuel Pump line provides more flow at higher pressures. The Brushless technology improves performance and efficiency by drawing less current, creating less heat, and eliminating the wear common to brush style motors. Aeromotive’s Brushless Fuel Pump line is ideal for dual purpose, street/race applications requiring a continuous duty fuel pump.


All pumps from Aeromotive’s Brushless Fuel Pump line are available in one of four configurations: 1) Signature Body, external in-line with finned pump housing and integral mounting tabs. 2) Standard Body, external in-line with modular Stainless T-Bolt mounting clamps. 3) Direct drop-in, direct replacement for any brush style pump in an Aeromotive Stealth fuel cell – including the COPO Camaro, Mustang Cobra Jet or MOPAR Drag Pak factory race cars. 4) Complete Stealth fuel cells from A1000 to 5.0 series, available in 6-, 15- or 20-gallon capacities.

S-Drive Pulley System for Big Block Mopar from Eddie Motorsports

The Eddie Motorsports Serpentine-drive pulley systems for Big Block Mopar 383-426 Hemi-440 come with a new aluminum water pump housing and all of the components necessary to install the kit. The Mopar S-Drives are the cleanest looking systems on the market and Eddie’s utilize a single spring loaded tensioner to keep the serpentine belt properly tensioned at all times; there is need for multiple idler pulleys to clutter up the assembly. The kits come standard with a Mopar OEM look, 165 amp, one wire alternator with internal cooling fan. The S-Drive must be used in conjunction with a thin crank vibration damper with dimensions of Mopar Performance number P3830183 or equivalent (distance from the face of the timing cover mounting surface on the block to the pulley mount surface on the face of the damper measures 2.144”. Spacers are available to accommodate dampers that are shorter).

Earl’s Clutch Adapter Fittings

Earl's Clutch Adapter Fittings are available in two versions, both of which are a significant upgrade from the plastic hose in most late-model vehicles' clutch systems that can be so tough to modify for engine swaps. Made of 304 stainless steel, the first type is fully compatible with most late-model GM, Ford, and Mopar master cylinders, hydraulic clutch release bearings, and slave cylinders. The flimsy OEM plastic hose is replaced by PTFE-lined AN -4 hose (such as Earl's Speed-Seal/Speed-Flex design) that improves pedal feel for high-heat, high-pressure, and race applications. The quick-connect clutch adapter fitting fits into the metal tube on the OEM slave cylinder and lets you easily upgrade to -4 PTFE-lined stainless steel hydraulic clutch hose without having to remove the transmission. It comes with its own release tool and is ideal for engine swaps because it allows you to use an aftermarket clutch master cylinder by simply changing the hose length.



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